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Public Safety
  • Ensure that public safety has the resources, funding and training necessary to operate in a manner that keeps the community safe from crime and natural disasters.

  • Advocate to bring new programs for our Youth.

  • Promote community engagement and communication to strengthen our neighborhoods.

  • Ensure that resources are available to Code Compliance to enforce safe housing conditions.

  • Continue to advocate for Homelessness resources and funding.

  • Establish a master plan to ensure that the city utilities (sewer, water and trash) operations have the necessary monetary resources to address aging infrastructure.

  • Create an action plan to abate overgrown vegetation and lack of maintenance in City parks.

  • Support an aggressive campaign to address Oxnard’s deteriorating roads, sidewalks and bridges.

  • Explore parking permit programs to alleviate neighborhood parking problems.

Economic Sustainability
  • Work to create an environment that supports the growth and expansion of local business.

  • Maintain high quality city services in order to attract new business to the community that will stimulate economic growth.

  • Support local and non-profit organizations in their quest to bring much needed affordable housing to the community.

  • Exercise fiscal responsibility.

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