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Gabriela Basua, 44, was born Gabriela Lopez in Oxnard to a Mexican immigrant family and raised in the neighborhoods of La Colonia, Lemonwood, and South Oxnard. She is the second oldest of six children. Gabriela graduated from Channel Islands High School, attended Oxnard College, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management from the University of LaVerne.  


In 2003, Gabriela began her now-19 year career as a public servant at the City of Port Hueneme. Gabriela has held numerous positions within the Port Hueneme Housing Authority Department, including Customer Service Assistant, Housing Specialist, Housing Programs Coordinator, Housing Programs Manager, up to her current position as Director of Housing and Facilities Maintenance.


Gabriela was elected to the Oxnard City Council representing District 5 in November 2018. During her first term in office she successfully advocated and led Oxnard to adopt rent stabilization. She fought to keep Fire Station 2 fully open, which serves the Southeast of Oxnard. She ensured the Cypress neighborhood received much needed street lighting. She led the charge for replacing the  Diamond Bar neighborhood failing wall along Oxnard Blvd, which has been failing for over 15 years, and  is now on schedule to start construction by the end of year. She advocated for the upcoming Aquatic Center in College Park. She championed the replacement of the Pleasant Valley Park playground along with replacement of the bathroom facility. She advocated tirelessly for the replacement of the College Estates Park bathroom facilities which is currently being replaced. 

Known to her friends and family by her nickname “Gabby,” she married Michael Basua in 2000 and moved to College Estates in 2002. Gabriela and Michael have three children: Jacob age 21, Nathan age 19, and Emily age 17.

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