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The city of Oxnard is 27 square miles of unique beauty and diversity, both among its landscape and its people. Our city’s 360-degree vista of rugged mountains, lush farmland, and sparkling ocean is unmatched by any other in the world. Over its 100+ year history, hundreds of thousands of people of every cultural and national background have come to Oxnard seeking to raise their families in a thriving and promising land.


Now home to approximately 208,000 residents, the people of Oxnard enjoy a community that celebrates its agricultural heritage while embracing the potential of a promising future in new technologies and industries. As the 22nd most populous city in California, Oxnard stands ready to take its place as a leader in innovation, safety, and quality of life.


South Oxnard, a long victim of stunted progress, is especially poised to see a renaissance in the years ahead. Now more than ever, Oxnard needs LEADERS who are EXPIRIENCED and will bring integrity, vision, and common sense to lead the city forward into the coming decades.


I encourage all of my fellow Oxnard residents to get involved in making our community better today and for the future… and VOTE to make a difference this election!


  • College Estates 

  • College Park 

  • Diamond Bar

  • Lemonwood Eastmont

  • Mar Vista

  • Oxnard Beach Commercial Area

  • Oxnard Pacific

  • Pacific Avenue Commercial Area (South of Oxnard Blvd.)

  • Pleasant Valley Estates

  • Terrace Estates

  • Tierra Vista

  • Villa Capri


  • Hueneme School District ​

    • Hathaway Elementary

    • Williams Elementary

  • Ocean View School District​

    • Mar Vista Elementary 

    • Ocean View Junior High

    • Tierra Vista Elementary

  • Oxnard ​School District

    • Lemonwood Elementary

  • Oxnard ​Union High School District

    • Channel Islands High​

    • Oxnard Junior College

  • Ventura County Community College District​

    • Oxnard College​


  • College Estates Park

  • College Park

  • Garden City Acres Parks

  • Lemonwood Park 

  • Pleasant Valley Park

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